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Toothpaste With Cedar Nut Oil and Cedar Resin, 60 ml. Active components: cedar resin, cold …

Cedra cream-balsam daytime facial

£13.00 £4.00

CEDAR CREAM BALSAM DAYTIME FACIAL Protective day balm-cream It is a wonderful facial cream …

Cedar nut oil 100g bottle


Unrefined Cold Pressed enriched with Sea Buckthorn, 100ml. First Cold Pressing Oil, presse …

Cedar nut oil 100g bottle


Unrefined Cold Pressed enriched with Cedar Resin 10%, 100 ml. First Cold Pressing Oil, pre …

Cedar nut oil 100g bottle


Cedar nut oil 100ml bottle The cedar nut oil bearing “The Ringing Cedars of Russia” brand …

Cedar oil bottle of 250ml handmade

£55.00 £45.00

Cedar oil-Siberian “Gold” Cold-pressed cedar oil. Unrefined 100% This Siberian cedar oil i …



Siberian Cedar Handwork spoon 14 cm

beds with bedants


The Magic of Cedar Tree Cedar was firstly mentioned long time ago – by Druids who were kno …



Content: The content of this oil is very complex including a wide range of components. How …

Cedra soap with cedar nut shell

£6.00 £4.50

Handmade toilet soap-scrub “Kedra” based on cedar oil, with cedar nut shell. Ingredients: …

Cedar syrup 220ml with propolis


Propolis Syrup with natural complex of poly-vitamins – The effective natural remedy for ke …

Cedar pillow with cedar nut kernel

£50.00 £30.00

        This pillow is a great orthopaedical remedy. Cedar aroma has a …

cedar toothpaste with mint 60ml


The toothpaste has a pleasant taste and creates the feeling of freshness. Freshens breathi …

Cedra soap milk/honey on the basisof cedar nut oil

£6.00 £4.50

  Handmade toilet soap bar “Kedra” with milk, honey and cedar oil. Ingredients: cedar oil, …

Cedar syrup with rose hips and redblueberry 220ml


Syrup “Kedra” with dog rose (rose canina) and cranberry Ingredients: the extract of Siberi …


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