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“Kedra” Lozenges with Propolis

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“Kedra” Lozenges with Propolis
Do not contain any sugar or artificial colours
“Kedra” lozenges – are the best relief for sore throat and fresh breath. The oil of the cedar cone is the main and essential ingredient of these lozenges. It has been considered one of the most valuable healers of the Taiga forests.
The cedar cone oil contains a range of ingredients which make the Siberian cedar so famous. The main of them are:
Pine nut core oil
Essential oils of the cedar cone petals
Cedar sap
Essential oils of the cedar needle
The cedar cone oil – is a unique product which is produced in the real Cedar House in Taiga forests. The process of this production is very complicated and rules of making it must be followed thoroughly. During the process of pressing, the cone does not undergo temperature processing which means it does not lose its beneficial features that make the oil so invaluable. The amount of oil produced in such a process is very small and that is why it is considered so expensive and valued.
Propolis, which is one of the contents of these lozenges, is the key ingredient that helps not only to keep your breath fresh but also kills all bacteria bringing a sudden relief to your throat.
Dosage: Take 3-6 lozenges a day making the interval of 2-3 hours between the consumption of them. Do not chew lozenges.
100 gr. of product contain:
Carbohydrates – 97,0 gr.
375 kcal
The package contains 10 lozenges 3.2 grams each
Net weight – 32 grams
Expiry date: See the package
Made in: Novosibirsk, Russia

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