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Rosehip tea with rowan berries

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The combination of Koporye tea (Russian tea Ivan Chai) with popular and well-known herb meadowsweet (widely used as flavouring for soups and salads) and red rowan berries (which are famous for delicious compotes, syrups, pies, jams and kissels and which are considered delicacy among Russian people) makes this tea an indispensable and very delicious treat for every meal. The unique taste of it comes from the combination of mild bitterness of the rowan berries together with gentle sourness of meadowsweet. However, not only its taste makes this tea so unique – it is also a source of vitamins essential for our health including vitamin C, carotene, rutin and a variety of minerals (manganese, iron, copper, etc.). The tea has a healing effect preventing various digestive disorders and diseases, improving kidneys and bladder functions as well as actively helping to treat respiratory conditions, headaches and convulsions. Moreover, it helps to alleviate various skin conditions (ulcers, etc.) and has a healing effect while treating wounds and sores. The components used for producing this tea are picked from the ecological areas of West and East Siberia and the unique recipe of it used by many generations makes this tea an essential and natural product for any household; it is rich in vitamins, yet, still affordable to buy. So, enjoy the unforgettable taste and stay as healthy and fit as Siberian people

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