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Toothpaste With Cedar Nut Oil and Cedar Resin, 60 ml.

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Toothpaste With Cedar Nut Oil and Cedar Resin, 60 ml.

Active components: cedar resin, cold-pressed oil of Siberian cedar.

Natural toothpaste with cedar oil is perfect as healing and preventive measures. It has a mild cleansing effect which makes it suitable for people with high sensitivity. The vitamins and minerals from cedar components have a strong restorative effect.

It also has immune-stimulating and antioxidant action. Due to vitamins A and E, the toothpaste reduces sensitivity of the gums and teeth, strengthens regeneration of cells in the tissues of mucous membranes. Toothpaste contains the resin of the Siberian cedar, which can help to heal lesions and inflammations of the gums, helps in case of stomatitis, swelling and bleeding. Being a natural antiseptic resin id effective against bacteria; prevents their reproduction.

It is recommended for regular use. Due to the mild properties of the toothpaste, there is no restriction on use frequency; it can be used after each meal.

Volume: 60 ml.

Shelf life: 18 months.

Brief description:

Natural toothpaste with cedar oil, has a mild cleansing effect.

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