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The only official supplier of genuine Ringing Cedar organic cedarwood oil in the UK, Magic Organic sells quality, 100 % natural products derived from the finest cedar nuts on earth. Harvested from the Siberian taiga, an ecologically-pure region of the globe many miles from human habitation, our cedar nuts are sourced directly from their Russian producer. Unaffected by the pollution endemic to urbanised and civilised locations, these Siberian cedar nuts retain the health-giving qualities for which the plant is prized.

As soon as it is pressed, our cedar oil is manually bottled without processing. By leaving the oil in its natural state, our suppliers are able to retain all the beneficial components of the nut, which include amino acids as well as manganese, copper, zinc, and iodine. Our products are therefore able to confer the maximum benefit to the consumer.

We believe that natural products are the key to health. From the food we eat to the preparations we put on our bodies, purity and wholesomeness are of paramount importance. That’s why all Magic Organic products are guaranteed to contain natural components, rich in nutrients and healthful properties and completely safe for the human body. Whether you’re refuelling with a ‘Kedra’ cedar honey bar, promoting better sleep with one of our cedar-nut pillows, or adding the power of cedar oil to your cooking, when you buy Magic Organic you’re buying the very best that Mother Earth has to offer.

Cook with our cedar oil to boost your meals with cleansing, stimulating, and protective properties. In addition to delivering 100 % of your daily requirements for amino acids, cedarwood oil benefits include the reduction of harmful lipids in the bloodstream, and the promotion of better coronary health thanks to an increased efficiency in the vessels supplying oxygen-rich blood to the heart. With the ability to stimulate the production of serotonin, cedar oil is also a valuable ally in the fight against the stresses and strains of daily life.

There are literally dozens of health-giving and medicinal uses for cedar oil, ranging from the promotion of healthier skin to the creation of a tonic effect in the body’s organs. Cedar oil’s anti-spasmodic effects can be particularly useful in the reduction of involuntary muscular contraction, for example restless leg syndrome or painful stomach contractions.

As importers of the finest cedar oil products available, we understand that you want oils extracted from only the best, naturally-grown nuts treated with the utmost reverence and respect. That’s why we supply the oil extracted in the remote regions of the taiga by the Ringing Cedars brand, shipped to the UK so more of us can enjoy the health advantages given by this amazing nut. We are proud to be the custodians of such natural power, and encourage everyone to reap the nutritional and psychological benefits of using our cosmetic and edible products from an unspoiled land.



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