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Cedra age-defying cream-balsam

Cedar age-defying cream balsam 30gr5



Anti-aging body balm-cream, 30gr
The perfect formula based on cedar sap, bee wax, extracts from Siberian fir-tree mixed with a combination of cedar nut, grapeseed and sandal oils provides essential nourishment for skin cells and helps skin to build the protective barrier against external factors.
It also maintains and protects blood vessels and reduces internal fabric congestion in the spine as well as prevents skin aging and first wrinkles.
How to use: apply the thin layer of the cream onto your skin and gently rub it massaging for 2-3 min. Use the cream twice a day, for 2-3 months.
In order to prevent wrinkles and skin aging apply the thin layer of the cream on the clean face, neck area and hands for the night.
Side effects: no side effects or allergic reactions found.
However, do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients.
Store: in a cool and dry place
Expiry date: one year

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